List of Brittana fics
Please note that this is solely my opinion on which are the best Brittana fanfics listed here. I appreciate all the writers taking their time to write but I'll only list down the ones that I think are the best Brittana fics, in terms of storyline, minimal grammar/vocab/spelling error, uniqueness and my taste. Don't mean to offend anyone whose fics are not listed here.

Must Read multi-chapter completed fics:
1) They Say Bad Things Happen For A Reason

2) If My Heart Was A Compass

3) Color

4) Remember When

5) Free Falling From A Work In Progress

6) Crowd Surf Off A Cliff

7) Glimpse

Must Read one-shot/two-shots:
1) A Thousand Ways For Things To Fall Apart

2) I Don't Mean To Suggest That I Love You Best

3) The Hope, It Goes As Follows

4) And If I Can't Be All That I Could Be

5) I Forgot To Say Out Loud (How Beautiful You Really Are)

6) It Was Us Way Before Them

7) With Every Word You say

8) You're A Lot To Lose and its sequel, Good Enough

9) We Belong To The Music

10) Brick Wall

11) God Save The Queen Of Pretend

12) Movers and Fakers

13) Burning Like A Candle

14) Boston Marriage

15) She's With The Band

16) Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes

17) My Best Friend's Keeper

18) Bubblegum Smiles

19) Chocolate Biscuits and Spanish Tutoring

20) Disasters in Home Ec

21) Sugar Sweet

22) Operation New Year's Eve Kiss

23) Careless

24) Ignoring The Signs

25) Slave

26) Not It

27) I Wonder

28) The Hills Still Left To Climb

29) The Game She Plays

30) Evolution

31) Operation Sunshine

32) As Visions of Hot Chicks Dance In His Head

33) Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild

34) Love is a Burning Thing

35) Also, Angels

36) These Are The Lives You'd Love To Lead

37) And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

38) Sex Is Not Dating (But That Can Change)

39) The Memory Of Her

40) Fate

41) Incredible Machine

42) Let Your Love Grow Tall

43) You Are Every Color of Confusion

44) Move Out Of The Way

45) Proudly So

46) A Real Date

47) El Español Fic

48) The World Forgetting, By The World Forgot

49) Sharpies and Frauds

50) Like Invisible Strings

51) Life is Just a Storm You're Braving

52) Of Course You're My Armageddon

53) I Had The Blues (But I Shook Them Loose)

54) It Ain't the Dark that I'm Afraid Of

I know I've missed some very good one-shots, but I've lost some of the links to the really good one-shot fics :(

Must Read series:
1a) The Argument
1b) Now
1c) Next Part 1
1d) Next Part 2

2) Everything by this author here:
Starting from Circling, which will lead up to Flashbacks. (Completed)

3a) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
3b) Once Upon A Time
3c) Glee: Modern Warfare

4a) The Only True Paradise
4b) Pas de Deux

Must Read on-going fics (I know there are a lot of on-going Brittana fics, but I only list down some of the best that are well written, with a different and unique storyline, and also the frequency in the updates. If a fic listed here does not get updated frequently, I'll remove it too):

1) Music Box

2) This Thing Called Pride

3) For You Are The Sun

4) Put On A Happy Face

5) Sleepovers: A Secret History

6) Influence (Completed)

7) God Knows Even Angels Fall

8) I See You

9) Brittany's Diary

10) School Girls

11) Beautiful Today

12) The World Is A Stage (Completed)

13) I'd Rather Be Flying Than Falling

14) That Almost Perfect Moment

15) (I've Never Reached An Answer) I'm Only Given Clues

16) Lake Hope (Completed)

17) Reality Swap

18) Random Acts

19) Second Chances

20) Starts With Goodbye

21) Serving Mistress Santana

22) Mischances, Stances and Stolen Glances

23) Must Be Felt

24) With These Words, Sincerely Yours

25) It Had To Be You

26) Random Glimpses (Sequel to Glimpse)

27) White Shadows

28) A Thousand Years

29) Subway Rides Oh, You Got Me Wondering

30) Within A Dark Forest

31) Poison & Wine

32) When The Night Meets the Morning Star

Must Read NC-17 fics (Thought I'd forgotten about good ol' Brittana smut? Never!):
1) Let's Blame The Heat (Completed)

2) Dancer and Stage

3) Brittany's Toy

4) Rub A Dub Dub, Two Cheerios in a Tub

5) Better Than Anything Else That I've Tried

6) All her NC-17 fics, even non Brittana ones are worth a read. She's just that good.

7) Smut with plot. This is the right place for it:

8) How Not To Girl!Peen series, and also some kinky stuff by this author here:

9) Easing the Load (Girl!Peen) and also check out all her other smut/kinky fics here:

10) Just a Hug Between Friends and all her NC-17 fics, really. Push and Pull and its sequel, Regrets and Regression are my favorites at the moment.

11) I Know You Wanna Touch

12) Not Far to Go

13) They Can Have Their Diamonds and We'll Have Our Pearls

14) Gleehipster

15) thefooliam and

I feel like I'm missing out some. Let me know if I've missed out some really good ones.

Ok, I know I've missed out some of the Big Bang fics, but that's because I haven't even finished reading most of them and I can't recommend those that I've not yet finished reading. The only Big Bang fic I've finished reading is Free Falling. But anyway, they'll be in my next list of the great Brittana fic authors that must not be missed! And... here they are:

1) random-flores

2) lynnearlington

3) zerodetorres

4) evershadow (Highly recommend Memories of Yesterday)

5) letscall-l

6) gilligankane and

7) novel-concept26 gets a mention here as well, but I've already listed her in the NC-17 section

8) sulkygeek


10) fullyajar gets a mention here as well, but I've already listed her in the NC-17 section

11) sappho's ghost

12) losdosmos


14) Vanille Strawberry

15) blueowls

16) overkill-max

17) insaneantics (This author also writes some hot Faberritana smut!)

18) collidingkiss (Highly recommended Remembering Sunday)

19) Shamelsshussy

20) 0atis

21) littleoases

22) stopstartstall

23) meteoritecrater

Note that most of the authors mentioned are primary Faberry writers, but they're good with their Brittana fics as well. Some of them are multi-shipping authors.

So, that is my list. Let me know if I've missed out some really good ones, and I'll check them out. 



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